A better yield for the farmer

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Better Soils

  Intensive farming demands a soil with power. Discover how we stimulate soil life, how we make minerals and nutrients effecitively available to the plants, how we push rapid root development, higher CEC, more oxygen and how we don't leave space for harmful soil diseases.  
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Stronger Plants

  More resistant diseases and insects, consumers asking for MRL-free food and more restrictions on pesticide use .... how do you cope ?  Stronger plants are less affected by diseases. Discover how we keep your plant in top shape throughout the growing season.  How we help plants to repel diseases and insects and to yield produce with better shelf life.
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Efficient Application

  More inputs, more work ?  We adapt our programs to suit your concrete way of working.  We constantly look out for better methods, accessories and tooling that make our products easier and more economical to use.   

Up'ness  assembles complete farming plans from A to Z, based on natural products.

From soil improvement and fertilization to plant reinforcement and disease prevention, with attention for usability and labor efficiency.   We select the right mix for your crops from the vast offer on the market.  Products that have proven they work together, based on trials and on experiences from other farmers.  For each program we indicate how it can improve your bottom line .